Bad drinks for your diet

Drinks and diets just for you

We pay attention to what we eat but not so much to what we drink during a diet. It’s wrong. For weight loss purposes it is a good and wise idea to pay attention to every meal, to what you eat and drink everyday.

If you choose the right drinks, you can help you metabolism, curb the appetite and cut calories. Here are some drinks that are spoilers or helpers on your way to weight loss.

Spoiler  Drinks


Everytime you drink a bottle of soda, you get hundred of emty calories.  You can try to drink soft drinks but studies aren’t sure that they are much help for your diet.

Some studies say that are short term helpers and other shown that diet soda drinkers gain weight anyway.

So, the idea is that if you drink or eat more calories than you burn, just switching to diet sodas doesn’t help your diet.

spoiler drinks for diet

  1. Energy Drinks

Just like soda, many sports drinks are calories bombs. They have some nutrients but when you are working out is better to stay hydrated with water, rather energy drinks.

You can have sports drinks if you are exercising very hard and you are sweating a lot because you lose nutrients. For sport and fitness industry it is important to shop and to use only safe products, accessories and items, from different stores even from those with long term and high online relevance such as Bazaar Gadgets store.

   3.Specialty  Coffee

If you add cream, syrups, whipped cream or snowcap, your coffee will be full of fat and sugar. Fancy coffees can have up to 570 calories maybe more than a meal that you have in a day.

But, if you don’t like black coffee try to add only a bit of milk and less sugar or artificial sweetener to keep calories down.

  4. Coolers

Coolers are not low in calories even they may sound light and airy. The one’s containing wine can have 190 calories and 22 grams of carbs, or even 315 calories in bottled alcoholic ice.

A glass of wine is not a diet drink, because they are 100 calories in a 5-ounce glass. Mix a bit of wine with some sparkling water and you have a low calorie alternative.

  1. Cocktails

 A shot of hard liquor has less calories than wine or coolers, but mixed with soda or cream becomes a bomb.

If you want a cocktail try to mix rum or vodka with diet soda to have a less fattening cocktail.


Weight loss inspiration

Genuine weight loss supplements and daily habits

8 habits that help you to lose weight

Do you start almost every day  a new diet?  Does that work? We believe that a diet shouldn’t be complicated or hard to follow or even stressful.

You need to build a routine in your life to see the weight going down. Here are 8 habits that can help you to get your dream body, like always don’t forget that if you decide to buy weight loss supplements it is good to discuss with your doctor or to read carefully the product description.

  1. Don’t like exercising? Half  an hour is enough

 Studies of the University of Copenhagen – Denmark, show that if you exercise for half an hour helps you lose 25%more weight than if you are working out a full hour.Weight loss supplements online

So those are good news for couch potatoes.

  1. Eat slowly

Eating fast has become a bad habit that can affect our health, our body weight and  entire weight loss management process. Eating fast reduces the satiety feeling and that makes you overeating.

By the time that our brain tells you that your stomach is full you have already eaten too much. So, try to eat slowly and so you will eat less and that leads to weight loss.

  1. Don’t eat in front of TV or computer

Usually when we eat in front of TV or computer, we don’t pay attention to our food or to how much we eat.

So, when we finish we discover that we’ve already eaten to much to change anything. So, try to eat to your dinner table , slowly and with small bites.

  1. Don’t overheat your home

Studies show that when we are having heat in the whole house, we don’t have to adjust to a different temperature and we burn less energy. When we are exposed to low temperatures we shiver and so our muscles contract in order to generate heat so the body burns extra calories in the process and so we lose weight.

  1. Read food labels

If you read the labels you get nutrition facts about food and so you can make healthy choices and you can obtain good results related to the weight loss battle. So, stay well informed and you can lose weight ( especially women between ages 37-50).

  1. More yogurt and nuts

Harvard School of Public Health permormed a research that tells us to eat more yogurt and nuts is more effective in your efforts to lose weight than eating fruits and vegetables.

  1. Eat hot peppers and spices

Eating chilies and hot peppers helps you lose weight because  they accelate your metabolism. Also, cayenne pepper reduces appetite and burns your calories faster.

  1. Drink water

Water keeps you and your body hydrated and generates satiety and also speeds up metabolism and all of those will help you lose weight.

Studies confirmed that drinking 2 glasses of water before eating helps a person to lose weight and fight obesity.

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