Helper drinks for your diet

In our days, and for future purposes, it is important to understand what we must drink and eat, on daily basis, what products are safe and genuine for our body and life style, what vitamins and supplements can have positive effects for us.

When you decide to buy vitamins online, for example, from one small or less-known supplier, it is difficult to place a huge order because you don’t trust that online source. A good diet with the right products in your checklist can be the wise and most important for your life style.

Helper drinks

  •  Water                

Water is the perfect replacement for carbonated soft drinks. If you drink two glasses of water before a meal you will feel full faster and so you won’t eat as much as before. Drinking water as is recommended will have a positive effect on your metabolism and your body.

  • Vegetable Juice

It is very nutritious just like fruit juice but has about half calories but a lot more sodium. Having a cup of tomato juice gets you 41 calories compared with 122 calories for orange juice.

If you chose to have a juice with pulp because will provide you some fibers that help control hunger.

  • Black Coffee

If need a caffeine shot is better to have a coffee than a soda or energy drink. Black coffe is rich in antioxidants and also calorie free.

If you don’t drink too much coffee it is good for your body because it improves mood, concentration and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer.

  • Green Tea

You need some energy and boost, so chose green tea instead of energy drink. It is calorie free and it seems like it may help weight loss.

Caffeine and micronutrients called catechins helps your body and they play a role in the weightloss. Try to have two cups a day.

  • Light Beer

Beer is not a very big helper to loose weight, but if you are out with friends, you can have a light beer because the normal one has 50 calories more than the light one.

“Undecided” drinks – Diet products just for you

  • Fruit Juice

Juice has a lot of calories but it also has more nutrients. If you want to have vitamins and antioxidants without sugar, have 100% fruit  juice .

Search juice without sweeteners  and if you want to lose some of the calories from the juice you can  add some water.

  • Smoothies

Best one are the ones made by you. Blend banana , strawberry, blueberries and yu have a delicious drink. You can add skim milk, or almond milk – use only genuine vitamins and supplements.

Restaurant smoothies usually have ice cream added , honey or others sweeteners.

  • Low-Fat Milk

Calcium foods may help your body to lose weight – buy vitamins online from top-rated brands. Some studies have shown that eating dairy foods or drinking milk can help you lose weight. Try to have low-fat or skim milk and dairies.


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