Foods that give you vitamin A

Genuine Vitamin A Supplements

Red Peppers

Vitamin A it is a name used for  a group of substances called retinoids. Most of us are getting it from what we eat, but if you are a mom-to-be, you should add an extra helping because vitamin A helps your baby to grow.

So, you can use red peppers because they are an excellent source and a help of cup gives you half of what you need in a single day – vitamin A supplements.Buy vitamin A supplements

  • Spinach

Vitamin A has two forms: preformed vitamin A, that you get from meat, poultry or diary and comes in your body ready to use.

Another form , you get it from some fruits and vegetables, like spinach, but your body has to process it before use.

  • Beef Liver

I know that is not a meal to dream about, but it is full of vitamin A. This vitamin gives your immune system a boost, because it keeps the cells that protect you and your body against infection in good shape and they can work as they should for your protection.

It also helps your body to produce the antibodies that fight with some diseases.

  • Sweet Potatoes

With vitamin A you get a good reason to load your plate with different veggies. So, try some sweet potatoes. They are a good source of vitamin A, one baked potato offers you a lot of vitamin A.(500% more than what you need daily) – vitamin A supplements.

  • Ice Cream

What do you prefer: a cup of ice cream or 20 and of tuna fish? Believe it or not they have the same quantity of vitamin A about 20% of what you need every day. But if you think about it you need about 25 scoops of ice cream to get what a baked sweet potatoes gives to your body.

  • Pumpkin Pie

Vitamin A does a lot of good for your body, especially for your heart, lungs and kidney, helping them to do their job. So, if you want a dessert, think about some pumpkin pie. It is full  of beta-carotene an antioxidant who becomes vitamin A.

  • Carrots

Vitamin A helps your eyes too. So you should get the daily dose of vitamin A from your food. You can have a cup of raw carrots which helps your body with level of vitamin A.


You  can get vitamin A from fortified foods also. You can have cereals, condiments, sugar and milk. If you don’t get enough vitamin A from what you eat, you should talk to your doctor about some supplements . Don’t take any pills without consulting your doctor.

Try to have a healthy life, with a varied diet and exercise every day or as often as you can. In this way your body and organism will work as it should and your life will be better.


2 thoughts on “Foods that give you vitamin A

  1. If we want to be healthy we must understand that it is the most important to change our life style, to eat more quality products, to run, to spend time with your beloved ones and to read more. Only such activities will relax you and your body.


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