Nutrition before pregnancy

Genuine nutrition for your body

Antenatal vitamins

Having a baby is a very important decision in your life. So before getting pregnant you should visit a doctor and have pre-conception advice which includes information about folic acid and vitamin D supplements, very important for your future baby.

Anyway, remember that abtenatal vitamins don’t take place of healthy eating or living.

In some places, pregnant women receive the antenatal vitamins for free. The scheme contains vitamin C, vitamin D and folic acid. Check woth your GP or midwife if you get free vitamins.pregnacy vitamins online

Folic acid

The folic acid is the essential element in development of neural tube of the baby, that is the structure that forms brain and spinal cord of the baby. Lack or small quantities of acid folic  in mother’s diet can go to birth defects, like spina bifida – buy genuine supplements.  If you are planing to get pregnant you should take 400 micrograms daily and after conceveinf for at least 12 weeks of pregnancy. You should talk to your doctor about the quantity that you should take. The dose that you get it depends on your health histoty and also of your partner history. Some women have a bigger dose decided by their GP on this history and age.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important in baby developing healthy bones and teeth. All pregnant and breastfeeding women should take vitamin D supplements and especially some categories of women like those:

  • Darker skin women;
  • Women with limited sun exposure;
  • Women who eat a diet low on vitamin D;
  • Women with obesity before pregnancy (which have BMI 30 or more);
  • Very young women or teenagers.

Antenatal warnings

Pregnant women should not take vitamin A supplements because they could harm the baby.  Also non anaemic women shoud not take iron supplements – buy genuine supplements. All the medicines that you take while you are pregnant should be taken after the advice of a doctor. You should check the dosage and the pills not to harm your baby.

As you know having a baby is a hard and important decision and it should be taken after you have talked with your partner and your GP.

Take care of you and have a healthy diet and life during your pregnancy in order to have a haelthy and happy baby.


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Genuine supplements online

From the very beginning it is important to understand that we need a normal life style, safe daily habits for our body, starting with food and water till sport and fitness activities. In the same time more and more we realise that we need at different ages genuine supplements from trusted brands in order to be sure that those products are safe to use.

Buy genuine supplements

One important point is that we will realise the health benefits of the vitamins, supplements  and similar products only when we will take these products but our most important recommendation is to discuss with your doctor before shop these products. If you are sure what you need you can place order for such health supplements otherwise better to read and learn more.Genuine supplements online

Vitamins and genuine supplements are safe products only if we understand few important things. Vitamins are not created by our body because a vitamin represent a small molecule that our body need and the body cannot create these molecules itself. We can buy genuine supplements for different actions – for example for skin and personal care support, sport and fitness supplements, food supplements and for much more categories such as bones and joints, digestive, homeopathic, immunity, nervous system and even herbs – genuine supplements online.

Another important sample of supplements is represented by dietary supplements, such products are well known in the U.S. market, more important is that the number of Americans who are using these products is growing day by day. We cannot say that if you take these vitamins and supplements we will cure every disease, but with good decisions we can use the benefits of quality products in order to improve our memory and body benefits.

Another important sample of genuine and safe supplements is represented by herbal supplements, again you must discuss with your doctor or to be sure what you need exactly. In the herbal supplements category we can identify:

* Aloe Vera

* Belladonna – belladonna derivatives can be used as treatment for stomach and intestinal cramping.

* Chamomile

* Echinacea

*Ginkgo Biloba – amaizing benefits if you want to improve circulation, memory and to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

* Red Clover – can act like estrogen.

* Valerian – old information related to the treatment of insomnia and anxiety.

Like always we recommend to decide if you really need such products, to check very well from where is good to shop these products and if you need advice regarding online stores with top brands and positive reviews please don’t hesitate to contact us.