Supplement for heart health

Vitamins and Supplements for your heart

Vitamins and supplements can help your bones and muscles or your entire body but you don’t know if they help your heart too. Research don’t say for sure if they prevent heart attacks or strokes but they say that supplements help lower cholesterol or improve blood pressure.

You can find nutrients that help you live a healthy life which will definitely will help your heart to function right – cardiovascular vitamins.

Fiber – they are easy to find in vegetables, fruits, grains in a natural way. They help the heart by lowering the cholesterol level in your blood. You should get 25 to 30 grams of it every day.  You can get it in natural way by introducing in your diet foods containing fibers or from vitamins and supplements that can get it from online stores.  When you increase your fiber quantity is important to drink enough liquids.Vitamins and supplements online

Sterols and stanols reduce the level of cholesterol that your body is absorbing from what you eat. You can find it in nuts and grains or you can take supplements. They are added to food like margarines, or orange juice and yogurts.

CoQ10 – is an enzyme, known as ubinquinone or ubiquinol and it is produced in small quantities by your body. If you decide to buy coq10 supplements you must know that as a supplement  it may help lower your blood pressure, alone with along with medications. It also helps treat the side effects of cholesterol-lowering medicines called statins. They sometimes lower your CoQ10 levels and taking these supplements you make up for the loss, and relieve muscles pains and weakness from statins.

Fish oil – slash the levels of triglycerides by up to 30% because it is full of omega 3- fatty acids. It may also help with your blood pressure and it’s also suspected in a good way that the supplements lower your risk of stroke or heart attack. Eat fish with omega 3 fatty acids or take supplements to help your body getting these good acids – another positive aspect of cardiovascular vitamins.

Garlic – smells bad , but taste great and helps you lower your blood pressure. It also may slow the buildup of plaque in arteries so it takes down the risks of blood clots. If you  don’t like eating it, you can find it in vitamins and supplements.

Green tea– both extract and beverage may lower your LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and raise HDL levels.

If you have heart problems you should go to the doctor and find out what to do or what to take in order to have a better life.


5 thoughts on “Supplement for heart health

  1. For every person, or better said is for all of us at all ages, we need a healthy diet, a good life style and sport activities, such products are great for us like supplements, in the same time with a normal life.


  2. All the time it is good to buy only genuine supplements and vitamins. CoQ10 and not only that it is wise only after we have one important discussion with our doctor, kind regards.


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