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Even the scientific knowledge base has expanded at this moment and maybe in the next few years we will know exactly what optimal nutrition means for us. On daily basis we can take different vitamins and supplements but if we dont discuss with our doctor more things related to our health we will not be sure if those supplements are safe for us.

The main question is if we need them or not or we can say it is enough to have a good life, to eat quality food, to buy genuine vitamins and products and to have an amazing lifestyle. At this moment we can identify a lot of information regarding food and nutrition policy, primary   purpose   is   to   educate   healthcare professionals  and  consumers  about  health  promotion  and  disease  prevention.vitamins and supplements USA

The world nutrition and health situation demonstrates that the major causes of death and disability  have  been  traditionally related  to  undernutrition  in  developing  countries  and  to  the imbalance  between  energy  intake  and  expenditure  (which  lead  to  obesity  and  other  chronic diseases – diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and stroke) in industrialized countries.

More and more in the last years we realise that for our body and good health, for immunity and metabolism, vitamins and supplements can be used on daily/weekly basis or with some doctor recommendations. In this post we want to discuss litle bit about two important categories regarding vitamins – fat soluble and water soluble vitamins.

It is very well to understand thta this products must be purchase from genuine manufactures, from trusted stores or more and more in this period, from online stores that are selling this kind of vitamins and supplements. When we discuss about taking this products we must know for sure if we need them, if them are safe to be taken and much more to know what is the daily recommendation of using – we need them on medium or reduce quantities or it is good for us to combine some of them for great and positive results.

By theorethical definition, fat soluble vitamins represents an important vitamins classification which include vitamins that are found in fat cells when excess is present. In the same time, them need fat in order to be absorbed. When we discuss about water soluble vitamins we know from the start that this vitamins are not stored in our body. The body takes all the time what he need from our food and alimentation – buy genuine vitamins.

In the fat soluble vitamins we can include vitamin A, vitamins D, vitamin K and vitamin E. In the second category, water soluble vitamins we have: niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin C – vitamins and supplements online.

It is very easy to understand that water soluble vitamins are dissolved in water, transported through the body and for using we must be sure what exactly what our body need. Our main recommendation is to be aware of using vitamins, minerals, supplements, in huge quantities, even some persons that think small doses are not sufficient.