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Vitamins & Minerals: Are you getting what you need?

Our body needs a daily dose of vitamins and minerals to work well and at the best capacity. Many healthcare professionals and nutritionists talk about the same thing – genuine vitamins and Balanced Life = Balanced Nutrition + Physical Activity.

This simple equation can be applied by each of us without too much effort, applying only one habit every day that requires minimal effort, our life can become as we want it to.
I started a year ago to apply lightly but consistently this little habit that I will share with you and my life started to be different, at first I started applying it every morning.

 I always had a desire to wake me up early in the morning, but I was always unable to get off my feet without delaying the alarm. Until one day I read about the Pareto 80/20 principle, it’s not a breakthrough I’ve done, but I just tried to test what explains this principle.
He says that 80% of our results come from 20% of the actions we make.
Good! I started to analyze and see which 80% of the results I had and were not the best. There was a chain of results, I started in the morning by postponing the awakening after a delay or rush to get to the office, lack of food in the morning, low concentration during the job, low performance, lack of joy, and the list can continue.

Vitamins and minerals for the morningsAfter analyzing very well what I was getting, I started to identify what I was doing to get the results and decided to apply that little 80/20 habit.

As I said, the lowest amount of energy invested brings the greatest satisfaction in results or dissatisfaction.

This principle applies perfectly in the equation Balanced Life = Balanced Nutrition + Physical Activity, once again our main recommendation is to make a good online research in order to identify only genuine vitamins for your daily needs.

What I noticed after a period of analysis was amazing, the body was not properly feed, so the state of fatigue, stress, and even lack of joy in life came from a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body, so nutrition was deficient.
I started by looking for a basis in my diet and decided to apply the 20% here to get 80% of the results by changing only some low-nutritional foods with those that brought considerable value. I have also added a supplement of vitamins and minerals that really made the difference in the changes that followed. This decision even made the difference, gave me a boost of energy on the way of the fantastic 80%.

Here’s what benefits my vitamins and minerals have brought to me:

  • Vitamin D

He helped me through the times when the immune system was low, raising his ability to cope with the challenges. Vitamin D also helps regulate metabolism, besides the protective effect it has on the bones.

Vitamin D in combination with magnesium and bones helps maintain a high heart vitality including iron bones health.
This source of Vitamin D can be found in many sources such as herring, salmon, macro, clams, tuna, and eggs or even in food supplements.

Vitamin D is a great source for those who prefer dietary diversity.

  • Magnesium

As I said Vitamin D comes packed with magnesium that is essential for bone structure, more than it helps to improve blood circulation, it protects the heart from diseases and it helps me relax the muscles after the exercises we will talk about in the following article.

Magnesium is the element that fights against stress, a low level of magnesium in the body leads to a higher stress state. Magnesium helps good brain function during periods of time.

  • Omega 3 fatty acid complex

Omega 3 plays an essential role in nutrition because it has the role of ensuring high brain health, preventing inflammatory reactions, participating in the blood clotting process, helping to regenerate cells and helping to eliminate bad cholesterol, therefore the Omega 3 ma complex helped me have a greater ability to concentrate and make decisions, to be a better observer;

  • Vitamin E

Helps protect against diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer and is one of the four soluble vitamins that are essential to the functioning of the body.

The best sources of vitamins are sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, olive oil, spinach, kiwi, and mango. It’s a powerful oxidant. Helps process the production of new red blood cells reducing the chances of cardiovascular disease.

  • Calcium

Calcium makes the perfect team with Vitamin D I have learned this before, but calcium still has other particular benefits, he is responsible for the blood pressure regulation process, and he helps regulate and maintain normal limits.

Calcium is essential for all the functioning of the body and the bone system.genuine vitamins for your evenings

The first two weeks

Applying this little habit, I managed to improve my diet step by step, which followed was amazing.

As I said, small habits are linked in a series of results, my attention for a short period of time has been tied to how I manage my vitamins and minerals daily.


The results appeared very quickly:
• A more restful sleep
• A deeper focus
• Results and yields have increased
• The state of joy reappeared
• The mind is much more agile
• Better physical condition

The benefits of vitamins and minerals are now part of the 80% of the results I’m experiencing. In order to learn more about vitamins and minerals, please feel free to navigate at

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Please feel free to see what happens in the next month, read more.


Genuine supplements online

Genuine supplements and vitamins online

Morning power helpers

You want to start your day right and in power? Eat some proteins or add it to your meal. Genuine supplements can help you if you know what it is safe and good for your body and life style.

Studies show that if you get plenty of proteins in the morning, you will feel full and energized longer and so you will eat less in a day.

Here are some foods that can help you get the proteins that you need in the morning:

  • Greek Yogurt

This kind is thicker than the regular one, so Greek yogurt has more proteins that regular yogurt. In a cup of greek yogurt you have 23 grams of proteins.

Greek yogurt will help you and your bones because is rich in calcium and potassium. You can add fresh fruits and high-fiber cereal for a rich and filling breakfast.

You can also stir the whey which is on top of the yogurt because it has proteins too.

Genuine supplements online

  • Chia Seed Pudding

Research shows that chia seeds are very rich in nutrients.

Around 2 tablespoons of chia, offers you around 5 grams of proteins and 10 grams of fiber.

You can have a pudding by stiring 2 tablespoons of seeds with half a cup of milk and leave it over night in the fridge.

You will have in the morning a great pudding and if you add fruit and honey you’ll have a great breakfast.

  • High-Protein Cereal

Not all the cereals are the same. Some are made only with grainso they don’t have proteins in large quantities.

So try to have ones that have at least 8 grams of proteins and some fibers ( around 5 grams). This kind of mix will help you fight the hunger.

Diet vitamins can be a wise solution for your needs but, once again, first of all, ask and read more about these products and later place some test orders.

Look for those cereals that have nuts or seeds.

  •  Frittata with veggies

Eggs are filled with proteins(6 grams) so it’s a great idea to start your day having some. To have a great breakfast, have a frittata. Beat eggs, add some salt and pepper and then put some cheese and veggies.

Put it in the oven for 10-15 minutes at medium heat, after you have cooked it over for 4-5 minutes.natural vitamins USA

  • Smoked Salmon

Fish for breakfast? Oh, yes!!! It’s a custom in Scandinavian countries to have smoked salmon for breakfast.

You can add it in the frittatas or have a clasic sandwich.

Salmon is filled with proteins and with omega-3 fats which are great for your heart.

  • Nut Butter Waffle

Use nut butter, of any kind- peanut, almond on a whole wheat waffle or toast. It is high on vitamins, healthy fats and proteins.

So, try to eat nuts on regular basis and you will help your heart and even lose some weight. So, leave maple syrup and use nut butter.

Genuine supplements can help you and your body if you are sure what is your doctor recommendation and if you shop these supplements from genuine suppliers, with long term online relevance. Natural vitamins online can be bought at

If you need more support and information related to these products, please take a loot at Good luck and if you need our support don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Vitamins and nutrition

In the last period of time we have searched a lot in order to identify only powerful and genuine suppliers, manufactures from where we can buy vitamins online, nutrition supplements, food, cosmetic products and much more.
Vitamins and nutrition can be the key of success for you body and for you life style.Wellness represent in the same time a huge industry, with world wide brands, financial periodically investments and top-rated competitors.

You need to build a routine in your life to see the weight going down. Actually, is not important to eat and to practice different types of sport activities, it is important to realize what is the best way to keep your mind and body healthier – buy vitamins USA, from top-rated brands.

We receive a lot of e-mails and questions in the last years, from our visitors and clients, for different kinds of products, vitamins and nutrition products, they want to know if they can buy vitamins online, if they will receive complete product description and even one medical point of view.
Our main recommendation is that, before placing any order, to discuss with your doctor, with your fitness specialist and even to read more, to find more about those products.
Keep in mind that all the time it is best to:

  • Eat slowly because the way that you eat every day can affect your health
  • Don’t drink to much and maybe not every day
  • Don’t eat in front of you personal computer, TV or laptop
  • Drink more water daily and eat more yougurt and nuts
  • You can eat hot peppers and spices
  • Take your time and read carefully food labels.

It is very to buy vitamins online in our days, can be secure, fast and we have a lot of options for a fast shipping. Don’t forget that you have complete control, you can place some test orders, you can discuss directly with that supplier or online store so, feel free to contact them all the time. Good luck!

Helper drinks for your diet

In our days, and for future purposes, it is important to understand what we must drink and eat, on daily basis, what products are safe and genuine for our body and life style, what vitamins and supplements can have positive effects for us.

When you decide to buy vitamins online, for example, from one small or less-known supplier, it is difficult to place a huge order because you don’t trust that online source. A good diet with the right products in your checklist can be the wise and most important for your life style.

Helper drinks

  •  Water                

Water is the perfect replacement for carbonated soft drinks. If you drink two glasses of water before a meal you will feel full faster and so you won’t eat as much as before. Drinking water as is recommended will have a positive effect on your metabolism and your body.

  • Vegetable Juice

It is very nutritious just like fruit juice but has about half calories but a lot more sodium. Having a cup of tomato juice gets you 41 calories compared with 122 calories for orange juice.

If you chose to have a juice with pulp because will provide you some fibers that help control hunger.

  • Black Coffee

If need a caffeine shot is better to have a coffee than a soda or energy drink. Black coffe is rich in antioxidants and also calorie free.

If you don’t drink too much coffee it is good for your body because it improves mood, concentration and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer.

  • Green Tea

You need some energy and boost, so chose green tea instead of energy drink. It is calorie free and it seems like it may help weight loss.

Caffeine and micronutrients called catechins helps your body and they play a role in the weightloss. Try to have two cups a day.

  • Light Beer

Beer is not a very big helper to loose weight, but if you are out with friends, you can have a light beer because the normal one has 50 calories more than the light one.

“Undecided” drinks – Diet products just for you

  • Fruit Juice

Juice has a lot of calories but it also has more nutrients. If you want to have vitamins and antioxidants without sugar, have 100% fruit  juice .

Search juice without sweeteners  and if you want to lose some of the calories from the juice you can  add some water.

  • Smoothies

Best one are the ones made by you. Blend banana , strawberry, blueberries and yu have a delicious drink. You can add skim milk, or almond milk – use only genuine vitamins and supplements.

Restaurant smoothies usually have ice cream added , honey or others sweeteners.

  • Low-Fat Milk

Calcium foods may help your body to lose weight – buy vitamins online from top-rated brands. Some studies have shown that eating dairy foods or drinking milk can help you lose weight. Try to have low-fat or skim milk and dairies.

Bad drinks for your diet

Drinks and diets just for you

We pay attention to what we eat but not so much to what we drink during a diet. It’s wrong. For weight loss purposes it is a good and wise idea to pay attention to every meal, to what you eat and drink everyday.

If you choose the right drinks, you can help you metabolism, curb the appetite and cut calories. Here are some drinks that are spoilers or helpers on your way to weight loss.

Spoiler  Drinks


Everytime you drink a bottle of soda, you get hundred of emty calories.  You can try to drink soft drinks but studies aren’t sure that they are much help for your diet.

Some studies say that are short term helpers and other shown that diet soda drinkers gain weight anyway.

So, the idea is that if you drink or eat more calories than you burn, just switching to diet sodas doesn’t help your diet.

spoiler drinks for diet

  1. Energy Drinks

Just like soda, many sports drinks are calories bombs. They have some nutrients but when you are working out is better to stay hydrated with water, rather energy drinks.

You can have sports drinks if you are exercising very hard and you are sweating a lot because you lose nutrients. For sport and fitness industry it is important to shop and to use only safe products, accessories and items, from different stores even from those with long term and high online relevance such as Bazaar Gadgets store.

   3.Specialty  Coffee

If you add cream, syrups, whipped cream or snowcap, your coffee will be full of fat and sugar. Fancy coffees can have up to 570 calories maybe more than a meal that you have in a day.

But, if you don’t like black coffee try to add only a bit of milk and less sugar or artificial sweetener to keep calories down.

  4. Coolers

Coolers are not low in calories even they may sound light and airy. The one’s containing wine can have 190 calories and 22 grams of carbs, or even 315 calories in bottled alcoholic ice.

A glass of wine is not a diet drink, because they are 100 calories in a 5-ounce glass. Mix a bit of wine with some sparkling water and you have a low calorie alternative.

  1. Cocktails

 A shot of hard liquor has less calories than wine or coolers, but mixed with soda or cream becomes a bomb.

If you want a cocktail try to mix rum or vodka with diet soda to have a less fattening cocktail.

Weight loss inspiration

Genuine weight loss supplements and daily habits

8 habits that help you to lose weight

Do you start almost every day  a new diet?  Does that work? We believe that a diet shouldn’t be complicated or hard to follow or even stressful.

You need to build a routine in your life to see the weight going down. Here are 8 habits that can help you to get your dream body, like always don’t forget that if you decide to buy weight loss supplements it is good to discuss with your doctor or to read carefully the product description.

  1. Don’t like exercising? Half  an hour is enough

 Studies of the University of Copenhagen – Denmark, show that if you exercise for half an hour helps you lose 25%more weight than if you are working out a full hour.Weight loss supplements online

So those are good news for couch potatoes.

  1. Eat slowly

Eating fast has become a bad habit that can affect our health, our body weight and  entire weight loss management process. Eating fast reduces the satiety feeling and that makes you overeating.

By the time that our brain tells you that your stomach is full you have already eaten too much. So, try to eat slowly and so you will eat less and that leads to weight loss.

  1. Don’t eat in front of TV or computer

Usually when we eat in front of TV or computer, we don’t pay attention to our food or to how much we eat.

So, when we finish we discover that we’ve already eaten to much to change anything. So, try to eat to your dinner table , slowly and with small bites.

  1. Don’t overheat your home

Studies show that when we are having heat in the whole house, we don’t have to adjust to a different temperature and we burn less energy. When we are exposed to low temperatures we shiver and so our muscles contract in order to generate heat so the body burns extra calories in the process and so we lose weight.

  1. Read food labels

If you read the labels you get nutrition facts about food and so you can make healthy choices and you can obtain good results related to the weight loss battle. So, stay well informed and you can lose weight ( especially women between ages 37-50).

  1. More yogurt and nuts

Harvard School of Public Health permormed a research that tells us to eat more yogurt and nuts is more effective in your efforts to lose weight than eating fruits and vegetables.

  1. Eat hot peppers and spices

Eating chilies and hot peppers helps you lose weight because  they accelate your metabolism. Also, cayenne pepper reduces appetite and burns your calories faster.

  1. Drink water

Water keeps you and your body hydrated and generates satiety and also speeds up metabolism and all of those will help you lose weight.

Studies confirmed that drinking 2 glasses of water before eating helps a person to lose weight and fight obesity.

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Foods that give you vitamin A

Genuine Vitamin A Supplements

Red Peppers

Vitamin A it is a name used for  a group of substances called retinoids. Most of us are getting it from what we eat, but if you are a mom-to-be, you should add an extra helping because vitamin A helps your baby to grow.

So, you can use red peppers because they are an excellent source and a help of cup gives you half of what you need in a single day – vitamin A supplements.Buy vitamin A supplements

  • Spinach

Vitamin A has two forms: preformed vitamin A, that you get from meat, poultry or diary and comes in your body ready to use.

Another form , you get it from some fruits and vegetables, like spinach, but your body has to process it before use.

  • Beef Liver

I know that is not a meal to dream about, but it is full of vitamin A. This vitamin gives your immune system a boost, because it keeps the cells that protect you and your body against infection in good shape and they can work as they should for your protection.

It also helps your body to produce the antibodies that fight with some diseases.

  • Sweet Potatoes

With vitamin A you get a good reason to load your plate with different veggies. So, try some sweet potatoes. They are a good source of vitamin A, one baked potato offers you a lot of vitamin A.(500% more than what you need daily) – vitamin A supplements.

  • Ice Cream

What do you prefer: a cup of ice cream or 20 and of tuna fish? Believe it or not they have the same quantity of vitamin A about 20% of what you need every day. But if you think about it you need about 25 scoops of ice cream to get what a baked sweet potatoes gives to your body.

  • Pumpkin Pie

Vitamin A does a lot of good for your body, especially for your heart, lungs and kidney, helping them to do their job. So, if you want a dessert, think about some pumpkin pie. It is full  of beta-carotene an antioxidant who becomes vitamin A.

  • Carrots

Vitamin A helps your eyes too. So you should get the daily dose of vitamin A from your food. You can have a cup of raw carrots which helps your body with level of vitamin A.


You  can get vitamin A from fortified foods also. You can have cereals, condiments, sugar and milk. If you don’t get enough vitamin A from what you eat, you should talk to your doctor about some supplements . Don’t take any pills without consulting your doctor.

Try to have a healthy life, with a varied diet and exercise every day or as often as you can. In this way your body and organism will work as it should and your life will be better.